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Disney’s face-swap era is as spectacular as it’s unsettling

What sets Disney’s efforts apart from others’ attempts is its focus on megapixels. Traditionally, deepfake technology has focused on smooth facial transfers — that is, making a face look like a face on a face — rather than the nitty gritty details of an image. Models from DeepFakelab, for example, produced an image that was…

Disney’s face-swap technology is as impressive as it is unsettling

What units Disney’s efforts with the exception of others’ makes an attempt is its focal point on megapixels. Historically, deepfake era has fascinated with clean facial transfers — this is, creating a face appear to be a face on a face — moderately than the nitty gritty main points of a picture. Fashions from DeepFakelab, for instance, produced a picture that used to be 256 x 256 pixels. Disney then again, ramps that as much as a 1024 x 1024 solution. Now not handiest does this give deepfakes a extra real looking glance, however it approach the photographs will glance higher on larger displays, which is evidentally what the Space of Mouse has its goals on.

The paper doesn’t element any doable packages for the era, however it being Disney, the chances are high that the corporate is having a look at techniques to complement its long run movie and TV display choices. We’ve already observed VFX used to convey Carrie Fisher again to lifestyles for The Upward thrust of Skywalker, whilst James Dean is about to go back to the display screen this 12 months because of CGI. Disney’s era may just bypass visible results totally, and allow the megacorp to forged someone — residing or lifeless — in its motion pictures.

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